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Services provided:


  • Logistics & pre-production

  • Crewing

  • Art Department

  • Food styling

  • Permits & permission


  • Executive Producer: Felicia Brunsting

  • Producer: Georgia Taylor

  • Director: Max Currie

  • DOP: James Rua

  • 2nd Cam. Op: Gregoire Auborg

  • Sound: Sofiane Tib

  • Art: Petelo Vaihu

  • Art Assistant: Namiko Shibata

  • Food Styling: Stacey O'Gorman

  • Gaffer/DP Assist.: Chris Mauger

  • MUA/Hair: Jessica Hunt

  • DIT: Jules Longdin-Prisk

  • Safety: Hannah Ley


  • Offline edit: Stewart Adams

  • Online edit: Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Grade: Erin Geurts

  • Final Mix: Factory Studios


Nestlè Maggi and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

Maggi and Saatchi & Saatchi wanted to highlight Maggi being one of the few brands that connects generations through food and highlight this by engaging a known New Zealander to tell their story and show their favorite dishes using Maggi products.


Laura McGoldrick and her mum Leanne were a great natural fit that resonated with Maggi's different audiences. Director Max Currie along with Creative Kristal Knight held a workshop afternoon, chatting with both ladies to find out their cooking interests and some of the family stories.


It was important to highlight their family favorites and how they made their spin on the original Maggi dishes. We settled on creating two long length films showcasing Laura & Leanne's favorites Maggi Devilled Sausages and Maggi Italian Meatballs (along with several direct cut downs of the main films and stand-alone 6" pre-roll videos). 


Max's ability to let the natural banter come out helped with Laura and Leanne's telling of their stories, memories and laughter which demonstrated the best things that can happen when a family comes together and cooks.