Services provided:


  • Creative Development: Mike Ramsey

  • Copywriting

  • Storyboarding: Thomas Fink-Jensen

  • Art Department 

  • Location Scouting

  • Logistics & Pre-production

  • Permits & permissions

  • Casting    


  • Producer: Felicia Brunsting

  • DOP/Director: James Rua

  • 2nd Camera: Chris Mauger

  • LX Assistant: Ethan Renata

  • Prod. Manager: Viktoria Fortune

  • Prod. Assistant: Grace Sibun

  • On-set Colourist/DIT: Erin Geurts

  • Costume: Mirana Raman

  • Art Director: Leigh Stockton


  • Post supervise

  • Offline edit: Erin Geurts

  • Online edit

  • Colourist: Erin Geurts

  • Sound mix and design: Sofiane Tib

R26 is an independent agency creating elevated experiences & engaging content. Their client OPPO, is a mobile phone brand enjoyed by young people around the world, specializes in designing innovative mobile photography technology.

Late 2020, R26 came to the Hood & Co looking to collaborate on the conceptualisation of a brand campaign that would track across the NZ Market.


One of the key client requirements that made this project unique was that the TVC needed to be shot entirely on the OPPO FX3 Pro, highlighting the quality and incredible camera features these devices have to offer.


With the main objective of this TVC being targeted at Aotearoa, it was important that this campaign didn’t translate as just another phone promotion but instead told an authentic kiwi story, one that emoted genuine feelings of relatability. 

The Hood & Co was a part of the overall creative development from start to finish. We worked with a storyboard artist to bring the ideas to life, did our own in-house casting, commissioned a piece of local NZ art and we ensured that every detail felt authentically kiwi.  


Even though the entire campaign was shot on a phone, it was important that the standard of the end result could compete with any commercial on air right now. With the absence of all the fancy toys you would normally find on a large commercial shoot, we got creative in how we shot every frame.