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We come up with and create authentic, emotionally driven stories for organisations to build lasting connections with your audience(s).


Compelling stories engage consumers, elicit emotions and foster loyalty, forging meaningful relationships that go far beyond product and service.


To create an inspiring concept, we have to discover the intricacies of what makes your business unique. With this understanding, we’ll be able to develop your concept and write the right script.


Further creative direction services include:

- script supervision

- storyboarding

- directing

- set design

- costume design

- styling

- make-up and hair

- props

- art direction

- pre-visualisation

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Before we film our projects, depending on the scale, there are a few stages we have to go through.

Services as part of pre-production include:

- casting talent

- location scouting & technical recce's

- permits & permissions

- logistics and scheduling

- sourcing crew

- hire equipment

- catering

- arranging required insurance.


We provide complete video production service that ranges from idea conception to production management, from video capture to post-production.


We craft unique stories that forge connections with audiences by producing visually striking and engaging narratives.


We provide:

- multi-camera shoots

- time-lapse capture

- green-screen and studio shoots

- on-location shoots

- aerial and drone cinematography

- underwater filming,

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Our photography services include:

- studio photography

- corporate photography

- brand photography

- on-set photography

- table-top / food photography

- product photography.


We also provide in-house retouching and stills post-production.



We can deliver projects in multiple formats and can look after your back-up and storage needs for your delivered content.


We have our own in-house edit suite and work with a range of post-production houses to fit your project’s needs.


Services include:

- composition & sound design,

- voice-over recordings

- transcoding

- offline edit

- colour grading

- motion graphics

- titles & captions

- animations

- tagging & meta data

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