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Agency & Client

Special Group is a creative company based in Auckland and Sydney and their client is Partners Life Insurance.



Special and Partners Life came to The Hood with the request if we could help them out create a live-action intro and outro to an animated TVC they were creating with animation house Flux.


The idea was to create adult nursery rhymes that mirror the target audience's childhoods but the twist was to show what happened after a famous death in the story. People die all the time in fictional stories, but you never see the financial burden they leave behind if you don't have life insurance.


Special took the casting onboard and put forward Dave Fane, a well known actor known for the Naked Samoans and many other shows. We had to be clever about capturing a high-end piece of video within the budget given which meant a lot of the tasks generally outsourced had to be done in-house. Our Production Assistant became our Art Director, our Producer facilitated the wardrobe fittings and our Director took on the DP role along with lighting the set. Location sourced by Production.


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